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House GOP seek transparency on U.S. aid to Ukraine

(NewsNation) — Sunday, two of the top House Republicans appeared together to talk about their support for Ukraine, as well as the continued support they wish to see the U.S. provide to the country.

There has been serious speculation that once Republicans take power in the House, the American aid and weapons being funneled into Ukraine could stop. Some high profile house GOP members, like Marjorie Taylor Greene and others, have called for that directly.

Others have questioned whether defense officials really know how every dollar is being used.

Sunday, the top House Republican on the intelligence committee, Michael Turner, and the top House Republican on the foreign affairs committee, Michael McCaul, took questions together in a rare joint appearance about the issue.

They say they believe there are enough Republicans who wish to continue supporting Ukraine but with much more scrutiny about where American money is going.

“The Republicans have a voice now and we’re going to do this in an accountable way with transparency to the American people. These are American taxpayer dollars going in. Does that diminish our will to help the Ukrainian people fight? No,” he said.

Knowing audits on the money and weapons sent to Ukraine are likely coming, the Biden administration is now working on a full accounting of what’s been sent.

U.S. monitors have only conducted in-person inspections on about 10% of the 22,000 weapons sent to Ukraine, according to a report from The Washington Post.

The Pentagon and the State Department are putting together their own individual plans aiming to make sure American weapons don’t end up in the wrong hands once they get to the battlefield.