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The Guardian view on coronation day: a mix of serious and absurd | Editorial

The crowning of King Charles III was rooted in Britain’s past but disconnected from its future

For many, the coronation of King Charles III was another great British occasion in a seamless tradition. That was the way the ever respectful broadcasters mostly saw it. For others, though, the coronation was either an affront to the way we live now or, perhaps in most cases, just an irrelevance. Most people had other things to do with their time than watch the events in Westminster Abbey and the streets of London.

True, the crowds in the Mall on Saturday represent something real about modern Britain. But they are only one part of the weekend story. Other parts matter too. In Glasgow and Cardiff there were demonstrations under Not My King banners. At Anfield, Liverpool football supporters drowned out the national anthem that was being played to mark the occasion.

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