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Michael Novakhov’s favorite articles on Inoreader: Who corrupted the #FBI FBI? Why is it so susceptible to been corrupted? What was McGonigal role in planting Clinton emails into Abedin-Weiner laptop? What was his place in the NY FBI “CABAL”? | Should the Independent Counsel be appointed to investigate the October Surprise 2016? – My Opinions – 4:46 AM 2/25/2023

“Head of an older male with steely blue eyes and scar on his nose. His head without a neck appears to be floating against a pure black background.” 
Robert Mapplethorpe (American, 1946 – 1989)

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The Second Mafia War

Trump, Kallstrom, FBI, Roy Cohn, Italian Mafia, New Abwehr

The long shadow of Roy Cohn and the Election of  2016


Top aides for Hillary Clinton on Monday accused FBI Director James Comey of a “double standard” in his handling of the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state.

Une brève histoire des liens entre Donald Trump et la Mafia - VICE

The man who showed Donald Trump how to exploit power and instill fear – The Washington Post

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Michael Novakhov @mikenov · 52m
My Opinion: Roy Cohn was the Abwehr’s agent. Abwehr’s Intelligence Operations: Red Scare, current “Dusseldorf Karnival Cycle”: the Operations “9/11” and “Kaiser Trump”, used Russians as the cat paws ..
SPIES&VESPERS @SpiesVespers ·
Feb 20
OTD Feb 20, 1927 #Roy_Cohn born. Lawyer linked to #Joe_McCarthy#HUAC#Rosenbergs case, #Studio_54, and #Trump_family

Bing: Trump, Kallstrom, FBI, Roy Cohn, Italian Mafia, New Abwehr

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The OSINT Foundation for IC open-source intelligence (OSINT) practitioners designated Feb. 26 – the 82nd anniversary of the OSINT discipline’s founding – as National OSINT Day. See the National OSINT Day proclamation to learn more:

— Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (@DCSAgov) February 24, 2023

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