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Santos in custody, facing 13 charges

(NewsNation) — Rep. George Santos is in custody after being indicted on 13 charges and is expected to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon.

The New York representative is facing multiple charges related to numerous lies he told during his campaign. While many voters and some lawmakers called on Santos to resign, he refused. Santos was sworn in as a congressman in January even as additional information continued to surface.

The indictment includes five counts of wire fraud and three counts of unlawful monetary transaction, which relate to donations for Santos’ campaign which were allegedly used for personal expenses and purchases.

Santos is also facing three charges for theft of public money or unemployment fraud. The indictment claims Santos applied for and received unemployment assistance, including additional pandemic benefits, despite still receiving a salary of $120,000.

The final two counts are for false statements on House disclosure reports. He is accused of failing to report financial information required by law and of misrepresenting his actual finances.