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‘Not Just a Neighborhood Bully’: Israel Says Iran Has Enough Uranium for Five Nukes

Israeli defense minister Yoav Gallant warned Thursday that Iran is advancing its nuclear program and has enough enriched uranium for five nuclear weapons, the Jerusalem Post reported.

“Iran is not sufficing with one nuclear bomb,” Gallant said during an official visit to Greece. “It has already accumulated enough enriched uranium at the 20 percent and 60 percent levels for five nuclear bombs.”

Soon after Gallant’s remarks, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned a delegation of bipartisan U.S. members of Congress in Jerusalem of Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

“Iran is equivalent to 50 North Koreas. It is not just a neighborhood bully. … It is an ideological force that sees us, Israel, as the little devil and sees [the United States] as the big devil,” Netanyahu told the delegation.

The Israeli officials’ statements reveal that Tehran’s nuclear program is advancing. While the Biden administration works behind the scenes to revive the Obama administration’s Iran nuclear deal, Republicans in Congress have recently rolled out several bills to curtail the White House’s attempts at waiving sanctions.

The International Atomic Energy Agency previously reported that Iran had gathered enough high but non-weaponized level uranium for four nuclear weapons.

“If Iran enriches to the 90 percent weaponized level it would be a great error, and the price would be heavy and there would be consequences which could inflame the Middle East,” Gallant said.

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