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YouTube has revealed its NFL Sunday Ticket pricing — and it won’t come cheap

Patrick Mahomes celebrating after winning Super Bowl LVIIYouTube has finally revealed the pricing for its NFL Sunday Ticket package — and it’s not cheap.

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  • Last year, YouTube secured the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • The package allows viewers to watch games outside their local markets.
  • Pricing will begin at $249 for YouTube TV subscribers and go up to $489 for non-subscribers.

NFL Sundays have a new home, and if you want to visit, it won’t be cheap.

After securing a seven-year deal for NFL Sunday Ticket that’s reportedly worth $2 billion per year, YouTube has revealed its pricing structure for football fans looking to lock up their Sunday viewing.

The NFL Sunday Ticket, which allows viewers to watch games outside of their local markets, is a sort of religious ritual for the football-obsessed. A majority of the league’s weekly games take place on Sunday, beginning in the early afternoon and ending with a prime-time matchup at night. 

In a press release, YouTube announced that it is offering pre-sale packages to Sunday Ticket starting at $249 for YouTube TV subscribers and going up to $349 for non-subscribers. Non-subscribers will be able to access the games through the platform’s Primetime Channels feature, which brings shows, movies, and, now, live sports to the YouTube interface. 

The pre-sale period opens April 11 and ends on June 6. Afterwards, the price jumps up by $50 for YouTube TV subscribers and $100 for non-subscribers. RedZone, a broadcast that highlights touchdowns from all of the games, is available as an add-on for some of the packages.

Here is a breakdown of the pricing structure: 

  • Sunday Ticket via YouTube TV: $349/season ($249 presale)
  • Sunday Ticket + NFL RedZone via YouTube TV: $389/season ($289 presale)
  • Sunday Ticket via YouTube Primetime Channels: $449/season ($349 presale)
  • Sunday Ticket + NFL RedZone via YouTube Primetime Channels: $489/season ($389 presale)

YouTube TV subscribers can also get access to RedZone through the Sports Plus add-on, which costs $10.99 per month.

For the 2022 NFL season, DirecTV charged $293.94 for the standard Sunday Ticket package, per Variety. The franchise has gotten so expensive for consumers, in part, because the price of the broadcast has jumped: DirecTV was paying about $1.5 billion per season for the franchise, Variety reported.

YouTube’s foray into live sports is indicative of the larger trend of streaming services expanding into live events and particularly sports, which are still among the most reliably viewed broadcasts.

Last year, Amazon began airing NFL’s Thursday night games. Viewership for this broadcast in its first year fell below expectations, but still amassed a foothold with a younger audience. 

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