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10 apprehended in 3-day New York ICE operation

(NewsNation) — A three-day operation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement involves over a dozen individuals who have reentered the United States unlawfully — some of whom are connected to the MS-13 gang, according to authorities.

This operation targets 15 individuals across Long Island, New York who are wanted for several crimes, including homicide.

As of 7:40 a.m. Thursday, 10 of the 15 wanted people have been apprehended, and nine arrests have been made. Four of the individuals have criminal warrants.

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At least four of the people ICE is targeting are affiliated with MS-13, which the Department of Justice describes as “a national and transnational gang composed largely of individuals of Salvadoran or Central American descent.”

Authorities say the people they’re looking for are located in the Uniondale, Amityville, West Hempstead, St. James and Freeport areas of Long Island.

On Wednesday morning in Uniondale, officers with rifles locked and loaded surrounded and arrested Edwin Mendoza Melendez.

Officers did some early surveillance so they knew what time Melendez, who is wanted for illegal entry into the U.S., twice as a felon, would be leaving his home.

A self-proclaimed member of MS-13, officers say Melendez has a tattoo of the gang on his stomach. He was recently arrested for possession of crack cocaine, which was what tipped off officers or federal officers to his whereabouts.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at some of the other people arrested so far this week:

  • 11 have administrative warrants, meaning they missed required court dates, or committed other minor crimes
  • One man arrested this week is wanted by Interpol for murder in Honduras
  • One man is wanted for attempted aggravated murder in El Salvador
  • One man from Guatemala is wanted for conspiracy to commit murder

Officials told NewsNation that many of the people they’re arresting this week gain entry through the southern border.