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New York will ban gas stoves in new buildings in an effort to meet emissions reduction goals

A flame burns on a gas stove.A flame burns on a gas stove.

Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

  • New York will ban gas stoves in new buildings as part of its new budget agreement.
  • It represents a win for environmentalists who hope to reduce the state’s reliance on fossil fuel.
  • The GOP vilified similar propositions earlier this year, enlisting gas stoves into the culture wars.

Gas stoves are out in New York. 

New York lawmakers came to the agreement as part of a $229 billion state budget deal, which includes a plethora of modernizations to state laws, The New York Times reported.

Among them is a ban on natural gas in new buildings, a proposition that previously led to a frenzy of right-wing panic. For environmental advocates, it represents a win as they aim to reduce the state’s fossil fuel dependency.

Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said the budget deal was a “race to the right results.” The new budget is expected to be approved by a vote as early as next week. 

“I know this budget process has taken a little extra time, but our commitment to the future of New York was driving this,” Hochul said Thursday, per the Times. 

The ban on natural gas in new buildings will phase in at the end of 2025, and it will not apply to current gas stove owners, the Times reported. 

The Consumer Protection Safety Commission said in March it was seeking information as to the potential health risks of gas stove emissions in the home, including a potential link to childhood asthma. 

The budget deal also allows the New York Power Authority to manufacture and own wind and solar energy projects, the Times reported.

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