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McFadden’s former prison cellmate ‘slept with one eye open’ 

HENRYETTA, Okla. (NewsNation) — Former inmate James Fleming said that Jesse McFadden, the man police say murdered six people in Oklahoma, was a “very awkward, weird person” while in prison.

James Fleming was a cellmate of McFadden’s for 16 months.

In a NewsNation exclusive, Fleming told host Ashleigh Banfield that McFadden would stalk nurses at the medical facilities.

“His conversations would always turn into sexual conversations. He was just a very awkward guy. I caught him stalking nurses down at the medical facilities. He was just your very awkward, weird person,” Fleming said.

Six months into living together, Fleming started to speculate on the crimes that McFadden was actually in prison for and began to feel uneasy about sharing space together.

“Unfortunately, in Oklahoma, you can’t move out of a cell. Once you’re in there with somebody, you’re stuck. Unless you fight them, or you get in trouble, you’re stuck with them. I was stuck. … When you’re locked in there with someone at night, you can’t get out. Nobody can hear you if you guys are fighting. … I always had to look over my back. I always had to sleep with one eye open,” Fleming said.