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Donald Trump’s niece Mary says racism was normal in her wealthy family

Donald Trump, Mary TrumpFormer President Donald Trump, left, Mary Trump, right, in a composite image.

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  • Donald Trump’s niece, Mary, told a podcast that she grew up listening to racism in her family.
  • She said that her mother and her father, Donald’s brother, didn’t have any Black friends.
  • Mary has previously accused the Trump family of using the N-Word and antisemitic slurs.

Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump, said Friday that she grew up listening to her family making racist remarks, Newsweek was the first to report.

“I would listen to the racism in my family, “she said while appearing on “The Karen Hunter Show” podcast. “I didn’t know what the hell they were talking about.”

The author and psychologist added that “demeaning this entire class of people” was worlds apart from her own experience.

Mary didn’t specify any of the demeaning racist remarks. However, she told The Washington Post in July 2020 that the Trump family often used racist and antisemitic slurs when she was a child. “Growing up, it was sort of normal to hear them use the N-word or use antisemitic expressions,” she said.

Speaking to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC that month, Mary also claimed that she’d heard the former president personally use the N-word and antisemitic slurs — which he refuted at the time.

“I didn’t share their ideas about race and Judaism at all,” she told Maddow, per USA Today. “But you know, when you grow up with that being perfectly normal, you don’t really think twice about it.”

In the podcast interview with Karen Hunter, Mary spoke of how her relatives interacted far less than she did with other races.

Her parents “didn’t have any Black friends,” she said. Mary’s father, Fred Trump Jr., was the younger brother of the former president.

And Mary said her grandparents, real estate developer and businessman Fred Trump Sr. and Mary Anne Trump, the parents of the former president, lived in a predominantly upper-middle-class neighborhood — Jamaica Estates — that was scandalized when “the first Italian family moved in.”

Of her childhood, however, she told the podcast: “I walked to the subway every day to go to school, and I walked home, and I passed by shops that were Black-owned. Most of the people I interacted with in stores and stuff were Black.”

Mary added that she “grew up with this unformed notion that racism was just absolute nonsense and anybody who subscribed to it was an idiot at best.”

Trump’s niece has become a fierce critic of the former president in recent years.

She has accused him of being a “fascist” and a “loser.” The former president, in turn, referred to her as a “seldom-seen niece” and a “mess.”

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