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Lori Vallow trial: JJ’s former babysitter, principal testify

(NewsNation) — The former nanny and principal for JJ Vallow gave testimony at the trial of his mother, Lori Vallow, who is accused of killing the 7-year-old and his teen sister, Tylee Ryan.

This is the second week of the trial for Lori Vallow, an Idaho woman who is also charged in connection to the death of her husband Chad Daybell’s previous wife. Authorities say Vallow conspired with Daybell to kill them based on the couple’s “doomsday” beliefs. Both Tylee Ryan and JJ were last seen in September 2019. Later, their bodies were found buried in Chad Daybell’s yard.

The trial is expected to last for weeks.

On Thursday, Sidney Woodbury Schenk, 26, said Lori Vallow replied to her nanny listing, and the two later met in-person September 2019— the same month the kids went missing — to see if Schenk would be a good fit to watch JJ.

Schenk testified that Lori Vallow was “warm,” and greeted her with a hug. About her son, Lori Vallow said JJ “had some tendencies” and could get emotional and frustrated.

Lori Vallow, Schenk testified, mentioned Charles Vallow, JJ’s adoptive father, who recently died of a heart attack. JJ, Lori Vallow said, was struggling to understand it. While Lori Vallow did mention that she had a daughter who lived in the area, Shenk said Vallow claimed the girl was busy in college and didn’t want to babysit unless getting paid.

After Schenk was hired, she babysat JJ the next day while Lori Vallow went to the airport to pick up a friend. JJ got upset that day after fighting with a friend, Schenk said, but Lori Vallow was able to calm him down.

After Schenk left, she did so with the understanding that she had been hired to watch JJ full-time — but a few days later, the babysitter was told JJ had gone to his grandparents’ home for a few months. In response to a question from the defense, Schenk said while there wasn’t a specific employment timeline at the time, she had expected to be on the job for at least several months.

A month passed, and Schenk reached out about JJ’s whereabouts — but Lori never communicated with her again, and she never saw JJ after that.

Another witness, Josh Wilson, principal of Kennedy Elementary in Rexburg, Idaho, said JJ was enrolled at the school from Sept. 3, 2019 through Sept. 24, 2019. The last day JJ was physically present at the school, Wilson testified, was Friday, Sept. 20, 2019.

It was on Sept. 24, Wilson said, that Lori Vallow sent an email to the school indicating JJ was being sent to Louisiana to live with his grandparents. When he called Lori, Wilson said, he was informed that JJ would be homeschooled due to his special needs.

JJ being unenrolled in the school only three weeks after he started attending was surprising, Wilson said after being asked by the defense.

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