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The Lawfare Podcast: Bridget Dooling and Mark Febrizio on Robotic Rulemaking

At the core of the regulatory state is the notice and comment process. Agencies propose what they’re going to do, the public gets to comment, and agencies have to respond to those comments. It’s an imperfect system, to be sure, but it’s fundamental to making sure that agencies act with good information and with democratic legitimacy.

So what happens when those comments start being made not by people, but by ChatGPT or other large language models? Or how about when agencies themselves use these AI tools to analyze the comments they receive, or even perhaps to write the regulations themselves?

To talk through these issues, Alan Rozenshtein, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Minnesota and Senior Editor at Lawfare, spoke with Bridget Dooling and Mark Febrizio, both of the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center. They spoke about their recent Brooking Institution report on the issue and how they think the regulatory state should deal with generative AI.