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1. Russia from Michael_Novakhov (114 sites): Voice of America – English: The Infodemic: Article Headline Misleads on Asymptomatic COVID Transmission

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Fake news about the coronavirus can do real harm. is spotlighting fact-checks from other reliable sources here​.

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Claim: A study showed that asymptomatic transmission of Covid-19 “didn’t occur at all.”

Verdict: Misleading

Read the full story at: Agence France-Presse


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Circulating on social media: Claim that the nurse who fainted after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is dead.

Verdict: False

Read the full story at: Reuters


Factual Reads on Coronavirus

Scientists are monitoring a coronavirus mutation that could affect the strength of vaccines
As scientists try to track the spread of a new, more infectious coronavirus variant around the world — finding more cases in the United States and elsewhere this week — they are also keeping an eye on a different mutation with potentially greater implications for how well Covid-19 vaccines work.
— Stat, January 7

Voice of America – English

1. Russia from Michael_Novakhov (114 sites)