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10 Things in Tech: Amazon is offering money to pick up your order, ChatGPT writes a “Succession” scene, and tips from an OnlyFans creator

It’s already Wednesday. I’m Diamond Naga Siu and I really enjoy writing our newsletters, but Eve Upton-Clark’s latest Discourse story has me thinking about side hustles. 

Eve examined how Gen Z has become the “Hustle Generation” by creating new side hustles and forging their own career paths. You can read it here.  

Now, let’s dive into today’s tech.

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Amazon AstroAmazon Astro


1. Amazon’s home robot Astro is getting an upgrade. The home-monitoring machine is about to get outfitted with ChatGPT-like technology. Internal documents revealed that Amazon plans to make Astro “more intelligent, more useful, and conversational.”

Meet Amazon’s upgraded “junior family member” here.

In other news:

Gmail logo in a magnifying glass surrounded by Gmail hidden features 4x3

Gmail; Rachel Mendelson/Insider

2. You’ve got mail: Google is placing deceptive ads in Gmail. Ads were previously just at the top of the social and promotions tabs. But now, some are formatted like an email and embedded in inboxes. It “should be illegal,” one person wrote. More on the inbox ire here.

3. So, Mark Zuckerberg is shredded now. Gone are the days of a pasty, sunscreen-slathered Zuckerberg. He’s now tanned, ripped, and winning jiu-jitsu matches. Check out his transformation here.

4. ChatGPT writes a ‘Succession’ finale scene. Screenwriting experts told Insider the chatbot’s script was “garbage” and “insulting.” It was a “straight-forward, happy ending with overly earnest dialogue” that failed to capture the characters’ voices. Read the script in full here.

5. Just Wanna Rock: What size asteroid would destroy a city, state, country, or the planet? Most meteors are smaller than a car. But some larger ones can cause global extinctions. Size matters in this solar story here.

6. Tips from an OnlyFans creator who makes $30,000 per month off the platform. MelRose Michaels said the key to growing her platform was making safe-for-work content.  Check out her other tips here.

7. Amazon is offering $10 for you to pick up your own order. It’s one of multiple retailers reconsidering free delivery amid rising delivery costs. Amazon has recently been trying different methods to combat the increased expenses. More on its latest strategy here.

8. China arrests man who used ChatGPT to generate fake news. Hong is the first person arrested under China’s new law that prohibits misusing face and voice altering technology. He generated fake news about a train crash that killed nine people. Get all the details here.

Odds and ends:

A picture from Riverton's national weather service in Wyoming shows purple and green northern lights shining behind a spherical structure in the foreground.A picture of the northern lights spotted in Riverton, Wyoming on March 23, 2023

NWS Riverton

9. Powerful solar storm is set to hit Earth on Wednesday. It could spark beautiful auroras. Plus, as the sun becomes more active, even more dazzling solar shows are expected in the coming months. Here’s how to check them out.

10. Russia’s own version of NATO is crumbling. Some of its closest allies are frustrated by the war on Ukraine. A few of them have even started snubbing Putin, while others are afraid they could become Russian targets. More on the tenuous alliance here.

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