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From post: 18.12.2018 14:10 Tue, 18 Dec 2018 14:10:01 +0100 – trump

All The President’s Dogs:  The Treacherous Obama’s FBI suppressed the Civil Rights and Liberties, as amply documented by the ACLU and other organisations: (see: “Unleashed And Unaccountable” and other similar documents). Obama’s FBI practiced the senseless, unneeded, useless, money-wasting, and most likely unlawful mass surveillance of American citizens. And all this and more, much more, that we know and do not know sufficiently about. And all this just to sooth Obama’s paranoid fears of been overthrown and to provide the maximum “security” for his Administration. 

That what happens when the duplicitous leftist western-African kinglet calls himself the American President. 

Investigate Obama and his path to power. Investigate the roles of the Chinese money, laundered drug dealers’ money, the Russians’ and the New Abwehr’s designs in his Presidency. Investigate the structure and the “transformation” of the FBI under Obama who turned the FBI into his personal tool of suppression. 

So far I do not see the similar problems with the present day FBI, hopefully it started to recover and to return to normal, but they have to be watched very carefully; the potential for abuse and the wrong direction is always there. And they will be watched very carefully. 

Obama micromanaged everything, out of his deeply ingrained insecurity. De facto, he was his own FBI chief, and the degree of his responsibility for the present (and other) troubles has to be explored. 

We have to understand the mistakes of the past, and there were a lot of them. 

Investigate the Obama Presidency! 

Investigate the Obama’s FBI! 

Investigate all the President’s FBI Dogs! 

Michael Novakhov