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A federal immigration judge rated female colleagues and lawyers by which ones he wanted to have sex with, shocking lawsuit alleges

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  • A federal immigration judge’s former staffer accused him of sexual harassment in a shocking lawsuit.
  • The lawsuit alleges LA judge Scott Laurent ranked female colleagues and lawyers by which ones were “fuckable.”
  • The former staffer also says the judge physically harassed her and demeaned her sexual orientation.

A new lawsuit alleges a federal immigration judge ranked female colleagues and coworkers by which ones were “fuckable” — and described “in graphic detail” who he wanted to have sex with. 

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday by former staff assistant Claudia Escoto, describes allegations against Los Angeles Assistant Chief Immigration Judge Scott Laurent.

Escoto alleges in the suit that she was “subjected to egregious and continual sexual harassment” by Laurent, including Laurent “describing in graphic detail other judges and employees he wanted to have sex with, or had sex with, in what positions he wished to have sex and in what manner.”

Esocoto also alleged Laurent ranked female colleagues, judges, and lawyers by which ones he deemed were “fuckable.”

While working under Laurent, Escoto says he touched her “without her consent in a sexual manner” and “demeaned” her sexual orientation by claiming he could “turn her straight.”

Escoto also alleges Laurent often asked her to come “sit on Daddy’s lap,” referring to himself as “Daddy.”

The Department of Justice — which is named in the lawsuit as a defendant along with Attorney General Merrick Garland — did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment. 

No one answered the phone at Laurent’s courthouse in Los Angeles.

Escoto says the harassment caused “severe emotional impacts, including causing fainting spells” and when she took medical leave and later tried to extend medical leave, Garland denied her requests.

The lawsuit alleges Garland then “acted on Judge Laurent’s recommendation to fire” Escoto “shortly after receiving” her “complaints of sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.”

In a statement to Insider, Escoto’s lawyer Toni Jaramilla said Escoto “lost everything” while Laurent remains on the bench.

Her other lawyer, Wendy Musell, said the Department of Justice “failed to protect Ms. Escoto at every level and fired her after she bravely came forward to report egregious harassment.

“No one is above the law,” Musell said.

Escoto’s lawyers ask that she be reinstated at her job and get back pay, as well as damages for the “emotional pain and suffering” she allegedly suffered.

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