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ChinaTalk: Crafting A National Tech Strategy and Reviving Net Tech Assessment

PJ Maykish, Abigail Kukura, and Will Moreland from the Future Technologies platform team of the Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP) join the conversation to discuss critical technologies and the development of a national technology strategy.

  • The guests provide insights into how the United States can create a comprehensive technology strategy that prioritizes the development of critical technologies to compete with China.
  • They also discuss the importance of international collaboration in the development of emerging technologies and the challenges faced in building consensus among different stakeholders.

This is the paper we primarily discuss: Platforms-Panel-IPR.pdf (

Vishnu Kannan of Carnegie cohosts.

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Midjourney art: the prompt is “A Bauhaus poster for a production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Featuring a young man looking out from a turret on a castle out towards the sea” but I thought it has a bit of a tech forecasting vibe!

Music by the great Cab Calloway: Hi De Ho Man – YouTube

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