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The best iPhone 14 wallet cases in 2023

iPhone wallet cases arranged in a pattern.A wallet case can simultaneously protect your iPhone 14 and your cards.

Alyssa Powell/Insider

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for holding your cards and cash, a wallet case for your iPhone 14 can be a great way to consolidate your carry while protecting your phone.

Designs vary depending on the brand and your needs, from the classic folio style with folding closure and MagSafe compatibility to slimmer options that incorporate card and cash compartments into the case’s body for a more inconspicuous look. 

While our list is specifically tailored to the iPhone 14, the best iPhone you can buy currently, many of the brands listed here make wallet cases compatible with other iPhones and Android phones, while Bellroy also makes some of the best traditional wallets for men

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Should I use an iPhone wallet case?

An iPhone wallet case can be a time saver if you need to access your most-used cards in a rush, and it can simplify your carry on a night out.

In my own experience, the immediacy of being able to access a transit card makes a phone wallet more than worth it, as it eliminates the panicked bag search while entering the subway station to retrieve a Metro card. 

A wallet case may also provide RFID protection, which will protect your card information from being stolen while on the go. 

What should I look for in an iPhone wallet case?

Wallet cases can add considerable bulk to your phone, so the size, style, and material may be the most distinguishing factors between your options.

Folio cases tend to have higher capacity for cards and cash, though they act more like a traditional wallet in terms of size and functionality. Some of the slimmer wallet case options on our list have lower capacities (e.g. one or two cards and no cash), but will work great for carrying the essentials and may still be compatible with wireless charging when emptied. 

For ultimate variability, you might consider a MagSafe wallet rather than a wallet case, which will allow you to choose whether you’d like to carry a phone wallet or not while maintaining your same phone case.

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