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The best designer Apple Watch bands in 2023

A collage of designer Apple Watch bands

Alyssa Powell/Insider

If the finer things in life tend to strike your fancy, the idea of adorning your Apple Watch with a designer band is probably par for the course. Ever since the first Apple Hermès Collection back in 2015, the union between high-tech and high fashion has only gotten stronger. 

But Hermès isn’t the only brand making stylish designer Apple Watch straps. Brands like Coach, Michael Kors, and Tory Burch also offer their take on wearable luxury.

Below are 16 of the best designer Apple Watch bands currently available for the Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 8. It’s recommended you always cross-reference the size of the watch band you’re purchasing to the compatible band size of your Apple Watch. Some products may even only list the size (i.e. 40mm or 41mm), so it’s smart to double-check. 

For more picks — designer or not —  check out our guide to the best Apple Watch bands.

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Best designer Apple Watch bands


What designer Apple Watch band is best? 

This depends on what kind of designer Apple Watch band you’re looking for and, ultimately, where you want to wear it. Designer bands come in varieties such as stainless steel, leather, and even silicone, and many feature things like gold finishes, diamond or crystal inlays, or a unique pattern. 

Is it better to buy a designer Apple Watch band from a brand affiliated with Apple?  

Although Apple has a partnership with the designer brand, Hermes, and offers its bands via the Apple website, they’re not actually any better than those from Coach, Kate Spade, or Missoni. The Hermès straps may come in an Apple-branded package but won’t be any more or less durable or functional.

Are designer Apple Watch bands meant to be worn every day?  

That’s entirely up to you. One of the Apple Watch’s best features is the ability to easily swap out bands, so you could reasonably have a variety of bands with different use cases (i.e. sport bands for working out, leather or metal for the office, and a designer band for a night out). 

If you do decide to wear a designer band every day, do know that it’s likely to encounter a bit of everyday wear and tear like scratches or nicks. 

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