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We’re going from corrupt do-nothing scumbag Elaine Chao, to fantastic rising star Pete Buttigieg, as Secretary of Transportation. This is what progress looks like. It’s a reminder that when you take the presidency away from a criminal and give it to someone honorable and capable, a whole lot of fundamental change happens across the board.

Why Buttigieg at Transportation? My guess is that he wanted an opportunity to gain experience on a federal government level, and this gives him the opportunity to shine by rolling out ambitious transportation reform projects. Our infrastructure is crumbling, and we’re way behind when it comes to futuristic transportation such as bullet trains. Pete has a real opportunity to turn things around, and set himself up for a presidential run in 2028, or whatever his long term plans are.


Meanwhile, it’s worth pointing out that the early leaks about Rahm Emanuel having been “in consideration” for Secretary of Transportation were obviously wrong. This continues a string in which essentially every “in consideration” leak about the Biden administration has turned out wrong. These aren’t trial balloons. Biden can’t be changing his mind that many times, on every single appointment. So all of these “in consideration” leaks must have been wrong all along.

It furthers my theory that when people leak their own name to try to get into consideration, the media wants to run with such leaks because they’re good for ratings, but it doesn’t want to look bad when it turns out to be wrong, so the media categorizes falsely leaked names as being “in consideration.”

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