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– Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted anything in ten hours. Is he dead, or is he just dead inside?

– I was wondering why my mood was improving. Then I remembered Trump hasn’t spoken in public in a week.

– No wonder Donald Trump’s feelings are hurt, he’s never been fired before. On the other hand, he’s never had a job before.


– People are making a big deal out of the fact that AOC and Joe Manchin are feuding on Twitter. Here’s the thing. Neither of them speaks for the Democratic Party at large, and neither of them claims to. If you really want to gauge whether the Biden coalition is holding together, keep an eye on how long, say, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg manage to remain on the same page. Thus far they’re both praising Biden’s choice of Ron Klain for Chief of Staff. So far so good.

– In hindsight, Four Seasons Total Landscaping was the high point of Donald Trump’s attempt at contesting the election. It’s been all downhill for him ever since.

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1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites)

Trump Investigations from Michael_Novakhov (126 sites)